Welcome, Community Groups!

Welcome, Community Groups!

You have a unique opportunity to move beyond the walls of our church and meet tangible needs in our community. Serving together can strengthen the relationships within your group while expanding the influence of your group. Through Serve Together, we’ve made serving simple so that it can become a consistent part of your group experience.


What is Serve Together?

Serve Together is our way for small groups to connect with and serve our nonprofit community partners.


How does it work?

We ask all groups to serve twice each year—once during Be Rich in the fall and once at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Be Rich: During the Be Rich campaign in the fall, group leaders are contacted with opportunities to serve as a group. More Information →
  • DIY Projects: We provide a step-by-step process for your group to serve with one of our community partners at a convenient time for you. This is also a great way for families to involve their kids in service. More Information →

If every Browns Bridge Church group served just two times each year, we could unleash a wave of generosity in our city.


Serving Stories

Do you have a Serve Together story? Your generosity inspires generosity. Share your story to inspire others.