Waumba Land Volunteers

Six Weeks – Preschool

Every Sunday, our volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a loving environment for our preschoolers. Waumba Land is completely fueled by volunteers. We could not exist without their leadership and expertise. 

Some of the volunteer roles are:

  • Small Group Leaders care for an assigned small group of children each week and consistently connects with their families. 
  • Lead Teachers are responsible to oversee and delegate the overall needs of the children within a classroom. They are also small group leaders.
  • Coaches provide leadership and support to a team of ten to twelve small group leaders and teachers.
  • Guest Services greets new families as they enter Waumba Land and guides them through the process of checking in and finding their classrooms. They also provide security for the hall.
  • Storytellers present the Bible story each Sunday in a creative and interactive way so that it captures the attention of every child.
  • Worship Leaders lead our preschoolers in worship with fun music that is full of motions and dance.

**Greatest Need: Small Group Leaders at 4:30

We would love to talk with you about joining our team. If you are interested and would like more information about volunteering in Waumba Land, fill out the form below.