Financial Mentoring

Leverage your experience to guide others.

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Help others experience financial freedom

Be the guide that someone needs at their side.

MoneyWise helps people understand God's principles of money management, transforms the way they use money, and develops a plan for their finances. We have two MoneyWise leadership opportunities.

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MoneyWise Mentor

Guide others in a one-on-one setting in developing a customized financial plan involving areas like budgeting, debt reduction, saving, and giving.

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MoneyWise Group mentor

Lead a short-term small group where you’ll discuss steps to get out of debt, ways to spend and save wisely, and how to create financial margin.

You won't be leading on your own.

Before you lead, you’ll attend a new leader training where we’ll prepare you to mentor others with competence and care. Ongoing training is provided to leaders to ensure that you receive current and relevant information to equip you to effectively lead others. Additionally, our staff will continually be available to guide you as you lead.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

We have a three-step process to become a MoneyWise Mentor.

  1. Review the requirements for mentors:
    • You have been pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • You recognize the Bible as the authority for your life.
    • You have the time, emotional health, and moral discernment to lead.

  2. Apply online.

  3. Interview with a staff member.


Not sure where to start?

Let us know and we can help!