Guest Services Volunteers

Create a welcoming space for guests and attendees in all our environments.

Guest Services Volunteers Greeting Attendees at Browns Bridge Church

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday.

Imagine joining a team that works hard and has fun creating a remarkable experience for every guest.

Guest Services works hard to create experiences where each guest feels comfortable. We do this by showing care, remaining flexible, having fun, and delivering wow.

Our Guest Services Teams

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Parking Team

Our parking volunteers provide a warm welcome, clear directions, and help ensure the safety of our guests.

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Greeter Team

Our greeter volunteers are at every door to provide a welcoming first experience and leave a lasting impression as guests leave.

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Auditorium Team

Our auditorium volunteers are there to ensure that every guest can find an open seat and offer support to our guests throughout the service.

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Bridge Team

Our bridge team volunteers are located throughout the main hallway to answer commonly asked questions and provide information to our guests.

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Coffee Team

Our coffee team volunteers are there to spark conversations and help build community while serving coffee to our guests.

Want to join the team? Let us know!

After you fill out the following information, we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.