Workplace ministry: helping you add more meaning and satisfaction to your work

Love Monday at work as much as Sunday at church.

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Do you sometimes feel your faith and your career are disconnected?

You are not alone! We have something for you . . . the Browns Bridge Church marketplace ministry—ReWork.

ReWork exists to help you navigate the challenges of professional life, to answer your questions about faith and career, and to equip you to serve in your workplace with intentionality.

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We have a plan to bring purpose to your work.

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We’ve created resources that will bring God’s insight to your workday, delivered conveniently to your inbox every Monday.


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Ready to take the next step in discovering God’s perspective on your career? Events are a great way to engage with ReWork.

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ReWork groups encourage you to talk about what it could look like to bridge the gap between your faith and your work.

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You can influence the lives of your co-workers. Find out more about starting a group at your workplace.

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