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We are incredibly thankful for all of you! Thank you for bearing with us as we navigate this fluid situation caused by COVID-19. We want to continue to give you the opportunity to connect with your students and give them space to process all that's going on in their lives as you inspire them to follow Jesus. 

Below you'll find several resources that will help you set up your virtual small groups using a platform called Zoom as well as some best practices for structuring your time together as a small group. 

We'll also link the weekly Leader Guide here for your reference. 


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April 11, 2021

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How-to guide to leading a virtual small group


Every student must have parental consent on file in order to participate in your virtual group. If a student does not have this consent, they cannot be part of your group meeting. This link can only be shared with parents.

How to setup a Zoom call

Pre-Call Welcome: Use the chat feature to send a welcome message for your students to see when they log in to the Zoom meeting.

Start with FUN: We’ve learned that students are far more likely to participate in discussion and come back next time, if they feel like group is fun! So, start with some kind of quick game or icebreaker. You can find ideas on the “Start with Fun” section of the Leader Guide.

Welcome: Start your call by welcoming students and make note of who’s there so you can record it on the attendance text. You can see who is on the call by selecting [Manage Participants] at the bottom of your screen.

Group Discussion Suggestions: Use this time to let your students know how online groups work. Talk about any guidelines your group will use for discussion (raise your hand to speak, use the chat feature if you have a question, etc.)

Check-In: Find out how everyone’s doing. You could have each student share one high and one low from the last week or maybe just have each student share a word about how they’re feeling that day.

Discussion: Use the Leader Guide to discuss today’s content.

Engage: Talk about ways your group can stay connected during this time (GroupMe, YouVersion Devotional, etc.).

Prayer: Ask the group for any prayer requests and close in prayer.

**Don’t worry if you don’t get through all of these steps! The most important thing is that your students know you care about them and that you’re available to them.