UpStreet Special Needs FAQ

We have environments and support specifically designed for children and students with special needs.

Where is the special needs program?

The special needs rooms are located in C120 and C121 on UpStreet, along with the other small group rooms. Our unique rooms are staffed with trained assistants and equipped with sensory-friendly and special features built for the needs of our students.

What types of special needs do you accommodate?

Our goal is to accommodate any student who wants to attend UpStreet. We have students who range from high-functioning autistic to wheelchair-bound.

What does the special needs curriculum look like?

We create several versions of the weekly curriculum to accommodate students with a range of learning styles.

Can students still attend large group?

Yes! Students who want to attend large group will travel to one of our large group rooms with a volunteer. Students who choose not to attend large group can engage by watching the livestream in our rooms. Sensory accommodations are available.

Still have questions?

We'd love to help. Please contact us.